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Slim Ambition Keto Plan the dinner schedule so that you do not lie down without digestion. If you are hungry before going to bed, forget ice cream or any sugary food. Instead, eat a slice of lean turkey or a handful of nuts. To lose weight, plan your menus considering the energy density of the ingredients and that way you can limit those that have more calories. 5. Say goodbye to the desktop the longer you stay at the table, the more tendency you will have to keep eating, even if you are not hungry. Dedicate half an hour to each meal. It's enough time for you to serve yourself and enjoy your food, chewing it as slowly as you can. That way you will feel satiated (or) with less. As soon as you finish, get up and leave the kitchen or the dining room. A withdrawal in time will allow you to win the battle to overweight. 6. To lose weight, r educates sugar we consume it not only in desserts, but in large quantities in beverages, such as tea or coffee. If you cannot do without sugar, use only half of the amount you usually add. Try to eliminate sugary drinks such as fruit juices and, above all, sodas (soft drinks). Do not eliminate your glass of orange juice at breakfast, but substitute the rest of the drinks during the day for the water that brings zero calories. 7. Limit alcohol consumption if you want to lose weight, alcohol is not your ally: Alcohol contains more calories per gram than carbohydrates and proteins so use your willpower to limit yourself to a glass of wine or another type of drink. 8. Use plates, or glasses, smaller ones to serve you Your plates and glasses can also lose weight. A smaller dish or glass will be filled with less food. So you consume fewer calories and visually you will not notice the difference. Keep applying the advice of serving yourself only once to achieve a multiplier effect. 9. Eyes that do not see If you do not bring home the food that does not suit you (sweets, cookies, chips, sodas, you know exactly what your weakness is), you will not be able to eat them or invent excuses to consume them. Go to the supermarket with a specific list and do not buy on impulse. 10. Even if you do not go to the gym, do some type of exercise to lose weight, you have to increase your physical activity. Walking around the block, swimming in the pool or swimming pool, riding a bicycle, playing a game of tennis, are some examples of activities that help you lose weight and keep you fit without setting foot in the gym.